Vande Mataram Song Notes for Harmonium | Sa re ga ma Notations in Hindi

Vande Mataram (Song) Notes for Piano, Keyboard, Harmonium

Vande Mataram
Sa Re Ma Pa Ma Pa

Vande Mataram
Ma Pa Ni Sa' Ni Sa'

Sa' Re' ni Dha Pa

Pa Dha Ma Ga Re

Malayaja Shitalaam
Re Pa Ma Pa Ga Re Ga Sa-

Shasya Shyamalaam Mataram
Sa Re Ma Pa Ma Pa, Pa ni Dha Pa

Vande Mataram
Ma Pa Ni Sa' Ni Sa'

Shubra Jyotsana
Ma Pa Ni Ni Ni

Pulakita Yaminim
Ni Ni Sa' Ni, Sa' Ni Sa'

Phulla Kusumita
Ni Ni, Ni Sa' Ni Sa'

Druma Dala, Shoobhinim
Pa Re' Sa' ni, ni Dha Sa' ni Dha Pa

Re Ma Ga Re

Sumadhura Bhashinim
Re ni Dha ni, Dha Pa Dha Pa

Sukhadaam, Vardaam, Mataram
Ma Pa Ni, Ni Ni Ni, Ni Sa' Ni Sa'

Vande Mataram
Ma Pa Ni Sa' Ni Sa'

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Vande Mataram Harmonium Tutorial

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  1. Very Good sir ,it helped me a lot in my Harmonica lessons.Thanks.

  2. Thank you help casio notes ke liye

  3. Special Thanks, from Mahadeo Bhujbal (Guinness World Records 2013) Pune.

  4. one line is wrong is pa re sa ni ni ni sa dha pa

  5. Very beautifully explained sir, will generate huge interest amongst beginners to learn harmonium. Thank you so much.